Basic Small Business Marketing How To Attract and Retain

Every owner of a small business knows that marketing is an essential element to staying competitive and keeping your doors open, especially in the kind of economy that we have been experiencing in the last few years.

Basic Small Business Marketing Attract and Retain

You Need To Be Active Online

Companies that neglect, or underfund, their small business marketing strategies can often find themselves at a real disadvantage in the marketplace and can even find their thriving business has shriveled and died before they know it.

There are two primary objectives of any small business marketing strategy. Overlook either aspect, and your business will likely be headed down the drain.

Why You Need To Be Attracting & Retaining

These two objective are to attract and retain. Even the best of businesses must always be working to attract new customers. At the same time, it is less costly to retain a current customer than it is to acquire a new one, so effective efforts must be put out on both fronts.

There are many ways to attract new customers and your small business marketing plan should include at least a few different ways of accomplishing this. As a small business owner, you should do your best to network with other businesses and community leaders. Getting involved with the community will provide very natural ways for people to get to know you and your business and you will naturally gain new customers.

Offer Your Expert Business Advice Locally

In addition, you can offer to be an “expert” resource to the local media outlets so that they come to you whenever they need commentary on something that is within your field of expertise. This will get you a great deal of exposure to the community while also positioning yourself as an authority in your industry. People will naturally seek out your business when they need something related.

More and more people use the internet these days to find the companies in their locale to do business with. A good website that is both attractive and easy to use can go along way in both attracting new customers and in retaining the customer base you already have. Use your website to the max to make the most of this important small business marketing tool.

Communication Is The Key

One of the best ways to retain your current customers is to stay in contact with them. These days, you can easily and very cheaply do this by publishing a regular newsletter that you send right to their email inbox. Offer coupons, discounts and specials that are only available to those on your email list.

Every year, you can survey your customers to gauge their level of satisfaction and to ask for ways you can improve the way you serve them. Ask for ideas to make their experience with your company better. Ask questions that helps you identify exactly who your customers are and what their priorities are when dealing with your company.

Gaining such insights will help you retain your customers and refine your small business marketing strategy to help you draw in more customers as well.


One Detail you MUST Have Before Your Facebook Page Will Succeed

Since you’re on the internet, you probably know that Facebook is the biggest online social media platform with more than a billion active users.

One Detail you MUST Have Before Your Facebook Page Will Succeed

According to statistics from, the number of Facebook users is on a constant rise over the past years and it currently boasts of about 1.5 billion users, the greatest number any website has ever witnessed.

Along with the rise in the number of users, the number of Facebook pages has also sprung up.

Given the fact that pages can now easily sponsor their posts and links to be visible to users who have not yet liked the page, the marketing side of Facebook has used it to its greatest advantage. Whether you’re a musician, artist or entrepreneur, a Facebook page is indispensable.

It directly links you to your fans and target audience and provides you a platform to convey any important or interesting information you would like them to see. Therefore, to promote Facebook page is to promote the marketing game.

Currently, there are about 42 million Facebook pages belonging to diverse categories and degrees of professions ranging from zero to millions of likes. There are pages owned by big companies, pages for artists on top of the scene or those trying to get there and pages created solely for sharing posts which the owner finds interesting. No matter what your background is or what the nature of your Facebook page is, you will definitely want it to have a large number of likes and followers.

Regardless of how simple creating a page might be, making it a successful one isn’t an easy task. You may consider doing a large number of things to make it work. Send the link as spam, decorate it with the most eye-catching timeline covers and profile pictures and use a plethora of apps to make it relevant, but there’s only ONE detail you need to know and exploit to boost Facebook page.

Most page admins think that in order to promote Facebook page, they’ll need to spend large amounts of time and money, but this isn’t necessarily true.

What you REALLY need to do to up your likes is simple. “Make your content appealing and engaging to the audience.”

This may sound really basic and simple, so much that you may seriously question the effectiveness of this tactic, but it has been the most successful one so far, because mega brands like Wal-Mart, Red Bull, Coca Cola and many, many more use it.

So far, we have talked about actual businesses and companies, but let us mention the casual Facebook pages that started for no commercial benefits. Many of such pages have millions of likes, surpassing even some of the major marketing companies. What makes them so popular and successful?

The answer is simple: The content. They post funny, inspiring, interesting and catchy things on their timeline and people enjoy them.

Many of them encourage their followers to submit posts they find worth sharing. Most people on social media are likely to share things they appreciate. So, many of these posts go then to the news feeds and others, who were previously unaware of the page’s existence.

With the recent change in Facebook’s policy that allows users to see what their friends have liked, the reward of a good post has increased manifold.

Getting others involved in the page activity is the most effective tactic to boost Facebook page’s popularity. For example, Coca Cola, the business giant, came up with its funny and engaging ‘summer snapshot’ campaign, which asked users to submit pictures by themselves with the Coca Cola summer cans.

This online campaign has been largely successful since any photo of a featured user is shared and published to the news feed of all his/her friends. This would not only promote Facebook page, but also the product itself, making it an effective case of ‘hitting two birds with one stone’.

Another such success story is that of Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart, which is a chain of more than 10,000 department stores around 27 countries. It has a highly liked Facebook page. It is also well known for commenting on the threads on their own page. Back in 2013, it achieved a great feat of social media promotion when asked on its Facebook page which city the followers choose for the Battlefield 4 launch party.

Furthermore, they also informed that Tobiscus, the highly popular YouTube gamer, would be involved in the event. It made the post appealing and engaging. The single post managed to gain more than 12,000 likes and about 16,000 comments, bringing in high amounts of traffic as well as publicity.

The key to a successful Facebook page is the proper content for the users. Branding and posting updates about your company, tours or events are important, if not necessary, but making your page look like a notice board that tends to tick people away from it. Mix those posts with humorous, inspiring, or awe-inducing ones to boost Facebook page and make it an interesting source of information and entertainment.

For example, Oreo’s Facebook page is full with creative and eye-catching posters of Oreo biscuits, each with a different story and showing the biscuits in different variations. Its appealing posts and great taste has earned them more than 40 million likes.

Some more tactics you can employ to promote Facebook page to your audience are:

  • Keep it interesting: Post interesting topics, or present your content in such a way that it looks unconventional and interesting. As mentioned before, the more appealing content you post, the more likes and shares you get, which ultimately expose to greater publicity.
  • Maintain regularity: Post regularly, but not too frequently. Posting too frequently and rarely both tend to have a detrimental impact on your page’s following. Low frequency of posts tends to give the impression that the page is inactive and not worth the ‘like’. Posting too frequently will take up a major space in the users’ news feed, so they find it annoying.
  • Keep target audience busy: Keep them involved with various campaigns and contests. This way the audience gets the chance to be featured on social media, which uses this opportunity to share posts and it promotes Facebook page in the process.
  • Advertise the post: Boost your Facebook page by advertising some of your posts. This makes them visible to people who have not liked your page and gives your page exposure to newer audiences. Statistics confirm that sponsored links on Facebook are effective in drawing the attention of users and have a high click rate.
  • NO spam, please: Many people think that by sending users the link to their page and requesting them to like it and/or their posts, their page will be successful. This is not true, since most people tend to ignore such requests. Instead, focus on the quality of your posts and the tactics you could employ to interact more with the audience.
  • Listen to what people say: Always check your page and comments for what the people have to say. They may not be happy with any of your posts or think you may need some improvement in certain areas. Watch out for what they like about you and what they don’t. Replying to them will greatly increase your page’s likeability and they will appreciate you a lot more too.

The basic purpose of a page is to help the party reach out to their target audience. Almost all bands, celebrities and entrepreneurs have one circle of categories having a page for themselves keeps getting bigger. As Facebook is the primary social media for most people, pages have helped them stay in touch with the things and people they fancy.

Pages that are seeing great engagement on their posts could see further increases in reach. Page procedure should deliver amazing content and upgrade for engagement and reach. On the other side, the owners also greatly benefit from the pages as they have helped them connect with their audience. Since proper content is the biggest factor for bridging the gap between the owners and the audience, you should focus on content and watch your page as it grows with time.

  • Ask yourself, “Would individuals impart this with their friends or recommend it to others?”
  • Think about, “Would my audience need to see this in their News Feeds?”


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