Small Business Marketing Tips

These days just about every business is scrambling to find new customers and keep their business afloat and that is especially true for small businesses around the nation.

Small Business Marketing Tips

The economy even though media is reporting a recovery still has been hard on many smaller operations and business owners need to make the most of their small business marketing to stay alive in this competitive marketplace.

There are many different small business marketing tips that can be shared, but the tips that seem most relevant today are those that can help small businesses improve the way they use the internet for their marketing needs.

The reasoning behind this is simple, online marketing can be the most cost effective of any marketing strategy you can implement.

Looking The Part, By Walking The Walk

The first, and probably most important tip is to be sure you have an attractive website that provides the essential information your visitors will need to decide if they are going to buy from your business or leave to find a more trusted and professional site to do business with. Make sure your phone number is easy to find so they can call you with questions or to make an appointment.

Also, be sure to include a map so potential customers will be able to quickly find your location.

Build Trust Through Content

Another important aspect of your website is telling your potential clients why they should consider doing business with you. A website is very much like a promotional brochure, but is published on the web instead of printed on paper. The advantage of this is that you can change your site quickly without incurring the cost of printing up new brochures.

But the website has to communicate to the website visitor enough information that they begin to trust your company and want to do business with you.

Use The K.I.S.S Principle (Keep It Simple Stupid)

Small business marketing should be kept simple and to the point. You don’t need fancy graphics, streaming video, or flash animations that slow your site down. When people are doing research online, they want basic information and they want it fast.

If your site loads slowly they probably won’t even wait around long enough for it to completely load before they leave your site.

One of the most valuable small business marketing tips, that will go along way to improving your bottom line, is to start to gather email addresses of your customers so that you can communicate with them directly. Offer then some incentive for giving you their email address, such as a discount coupon, and then be sure to respect their information by only emailing them once or twice a month.

Having a list of customer email addresses allows you to quickly let them know about sales in your store or special events that are coming up and which may be of interest to them. You can also ask for their birthday and send them a special coupon each year to help them celebrate.

This small business marketing strategy helps build loyalty with your customers and they will rarely unsubscribe from your email list if they know you will be treating them with special savings on a regular basis.


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