Why Small Business Advertising Requires Creativity

Every successful business owner knows that they have to invest their earnings back into their business in order to grow and succeed on higher levels.

Why Small Business Marketing Requires Creativity

This is especially true during economic downturns where the experienced and savvy businessman will increase his small business marketing budget in order to try to snuff out his competition who is cutting back on their marketing expenses.

A good small business advertising plan differs from a marketing plan of a large corporation because of the scale of the market. Large corporations are able to spends millions on advertising each month. Small companies simply cannot compete on this scale, so they have to get creative in order to maintain their customer base and even grow it.

The biggest advantage that a small business marketing strategy can have over the huge, national corporations is the fact that they know, or should know, their local market much better than the giant companies can.

Large corporations spend their money on generic advertising campaigns that appeal to the masses and that get their name and their brand known on a national playing field.

However, any business owner who knows the unique and distinctive tastes, preferences and needs of his local marketplace can effectively compete if he knows how to get the attention of the local crowd and can communicate compelling marketing messages to them. Most people like doing business with their local shop owners when they have the choice and would prefer to spend their money supporting small businesses.

The trick for small business advertising is getting past the “noise” put out the by large businesses and getting the attention of their audience.

One creative way small businesses can do this is to position themselves as the “local expert” for their industry. Publishing a series of articles that is featured in the local newspaper, or available on online article directories can help establish such credibility and expertise.

Small business owners can contact radio stations and local morning TV shows and offer to be a guest discussing the topic they are interested in.

In most markets, these local media outlets are always looking for people and businesses to feature that have something that their listeners and viewers are interested in. This can be a win-win situation for both the station and the business

You can also run a free monthly seminar providing valuable information that would be interesting to your potential clients. If you are a landscaper, you can offer a seminar on lawn care techniques.

An accountant can provide tax tips for home businesses. A chiropractor can offer a seminar demonstrating stretching techniques for pain relief. Through these types of free seminars you will gain new clients and also benefit from word of mouth.

Right now many small business owners have also realized the power of YouTube and are either creating their own videos or having videos created to market their business. For those that are not aware YouTube is the second largest search engine on the planet.

As you creatively think of new ways to reach out to potential customers, you will find that your small business marketing strategy can effectively compete with the large, impersonal companies. With time and persistence you should be able to create an on-going plan that will continue to help your company grow in any economy.

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