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Why Owning a Website Is Easier Than You Think

marketingtilt pace lattin logoGetting your business on the internet should be crucial to your overall business plan. If you are not online then you may be missing out on millions of dollars of extra revenue.

Most business owners who aren’t familiar with the online word are intimidated by setting up their own website but once they find out how easy it can be done, it can be a lucrative move.

If you are a retail business owner just starting out, this guide could help you develop your marketing plan online.

Brand Marketing For Business

This is a way in which the name of the company and its overall principles become branded in a consumers mind through marketing. Google is a fantastic example of how this works.

They have many products up for grabs, having greatly expanded from their original yet still popular mission of universal search, but its their company name that’s used to sell consumers on almost all of their products.

By having a well established brand for the Google name, they don’t have to work quite as hard when offering any of their services. That is why they continue to maintain over 68% of all search traffic from around the world. The only other company that comes close to Google is Facebook who on some days actually has more site visitors than Google, again this is all down to branding of their products and services.

Why You Need A Website

Having an online presence is one thing. Having a professional and well optimized site is the best way to generate more business online.

When people visit your website, they should know everything there is to know about what your company has to offer. There should also be a section that will allow your customers to leave feedback or reviews on your products. This will serve as a great marketing tool that will attract more customers to your growing company.

Marketingtilt is a small boutique web design and marketing company that will help you get more exposure from any online business. Being online for more than 14 years we know what online business wants when it comes to marketing and traffic generation. If you have a website that is not performing how you would like it to be then drop us a line for a free appraisal to get your online business marketing headed in the right direction again.