Web Design Best Kept Simple

In the early days of the internet, most of the pages that surfers visited were simple, looking similar to a word processing document found in any office.

Usually, these pages consisted of simple, black text and once in awhile would be embellished with colored headlines or borders. But as the internet has evolved, good website design has become an increasingly important part of website development.

Web Design Best Kept Simple
About ten years ago, by the late 1990s, websites had largely evolved to the point of providing people with more compelling design, which made more effective use of fonts, text effects, colors and graphics. Still, the type of website layout that was most common was still quite simple and for the most part a new website looked very much like a corporate brochure.

How Times Have Changed

The last ten years has seen a real explosion of activity, interest and commerce on the internet. More and more companies want to do business online, so website design has become much more sophisticated and varied. Website development and website marketing demanded that the design of a new website be more visually attractive and engaging, in order to draw in website visitors.

As internet surfers have also gotten to be more sophisticated, as well as impatient, the challenges faced by webmasters have continued to increase. These days, web surfers expect a page to open quickly and provide the information they are searching for immediately. This has lead to the need to create site design structures that are not laden down with slow-loading graphics.

Even though they might be visually stunning, they only serve to annoy today’s internet user who is fast paced and in a hurry.

Keeping It Simple Is Winning The Race

The best examples of good website design for today’s internet climate are those that have simple layouts and are centered on the web content that surfers are hungry for. In website development nowadays, the great web designers are those who are careful to include layouts that best direct a visitor’s eye and attention to the web content, allowing the design simply to be an attractive frame.

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